Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors

Aesthetically striking & slimline

Aluminium Sliding Doors

Stylish design and spectacular aluminium finish. Available in four different slim sightlines, allowing for uninterrupted views whilst not compromising on quality or thermal performance.

  • Completely bespoke to your requirements

  • Effortless smooth motion

  • Quiet operation

  • Low maintenance

  • Thermally efficient

  • Safe and secure

  • Engineered to perform and built to last

OS-20 – Slimline Origin Artisan Sliding Door

Minimal and sleek in design, the Artisan Slider OS-20 has ultra-slim sightlines of just 20mm and, being made from premium grade aluminium, it’s a combination that means less frame and more natural light, and makes for a truly breath-taking spectacle.

The Artisan Slider OS-20 comes as a bonded system – sometimes referred to as a wet glazed system – which means the glass and frame comes as one unit. The benefits to this are that the doors have improved weather tightness and slimmer sightlines are achieved.

Each individual panel can be up to 2.2m wide and 3m tall with a maximum overall width of over 13m – the OS-20 is minimalistic and yet has the potential to give your home an entire wall of glass.

The doors are secure offering a minimum of six points of locking to either the jamb or adjacent door. The handle is on the inside with no lock on the outside for would-be intruders to pick.

OS-29, OS-44 & OS-77 – Origin Patio Sliding Door

A modern take on the traditional patio door, the  Origin Patio Slider OS-29, OS-44 and OS-77 are the perfect fit for any type of home. Made completely bespoke, there are three sightline options available. The OS-29 is the smaller of the three, with sightlines of just 29mm, maximising glass and the level of natural light which can flood in. With sightlines of 44mm and 77mm, the Patio Slider still possesses some of the slimmest sightlines whilst providing a more traditional style of patio system, with an injection of effortless elegance.

Origin Aluminium sliding Patio Doors
Made in the UK

Proudly manufactured in the United Kingdom

Up to 10 year guarantee

Up to 10 year guarantee for complete peace of mind

Ultra secure

Committed to your safety through compliance and accreditation initiatives

Quality Assured

Premium grade aluminium for strength, resilience and versatility

Thermal Performance

Helping your house stay warm in winter and cool in summer

Colour options

Wide range of colour and finish options ensures that there is a style to suit your home