UPVC Windows

Beautiful & Secure

Ultimate UPVC Windows

  • Energy Efficient

  • Secure

  • Choice of colour and woodgrain finishes

  • Durable and long-lasting

Frame Options

An initial choice you will want to make is whether to have bevelled or ovolo shaped profile. Bevelled profile offers contemporary clean lines whilst ovolo profile offers a more detailed, sculptured finish. This choice can often be influenced simply by your individual preference but may also be influenced by the style of your property.

Bevelled UPVC Window Profile
Ovolo UPVC Window Profile

Design Your Door

Colour & Finish Options

If you would like a colour that is not within our range of woodgrain foils, we can arrange to have your windows or doors spray painted in the colour of your choice.

You can choose to have the colour applied to both the inside and outside faces, or outside only leaving a fresh white internal finish.

Bevelled Profile Finish Options

Bevelled Profile Finish Options

Ovolo Profile Finish Options

Ovolo Profile Finish Options

Window Handle Options

Window handles


Teardrop Window Handles

Monkey Tail

Monkey Tail Window Handles


A total of 10 security points around each opening window

2 x steel shoot bolts
4 x central collared cams
2 x high security fire escape / easy clean hinges
2 x 15mm anti-jemmy hinge bolts

For your safety, high security fire escape / easy clean hinges are fitted as standard to all side-opening windows. These will open fully to give you an alternative means of fire escape (dependent on window size) and can slide towards the centre to allow easy external cleaning.


Internal & External Georgian Bars

You may decide to have decorative Georgian Bars applied to your windows for the truly authentic Georgian style.

The unique Ali-lock Georgian Bar is a scribed PVC-u bar, finished and colour matched to the exact same finish of your chosen windows. The bars are connected to full length aluminium fixing strips that are bonded to the glass unit. This, combined with the spacer bar grid design inside the unit, gives the impression that each pane is a separate unit.

The innovative Ali-lock bar system ensures the Georgian grille does not shrink, warp or detach, regardless of weather conditions.

In contrast to the Ali-lock External Georgian Bar system where the bar is applied onto the outer faces of the insulated glass unit, as the name suggests, Internal Georgian Bars are held within the sealed glass unit.

Internal Georgian Bars still provide an effective feature but with the bars inside the glass, the glass maintains a flat surface with no protrusions and are therefore easier to clean.

Versatility in Design

In order to cater for the diverse mix of property styles and consumer preferences, windows and doors are now available in a wide variety of styles and finishes.

Using a combination of top openers, side openers and fixed panes, the range of styles is immense so you are sure to find a design to suit your home.

There is no reason to compromise when replacing bay windows either. The Ultimate Collection offers load bearing support components to suit both 90o bay windows and multifaceted bays.

Equal Sight Lines

Dummy casements provide equal sight lines, to that when viewed from the outside all appear to be opening windows. This helps to maintain a neat, balanced symmetry throughout the property.

Thermal Efficieny

Reduce  home heat loss and save money 

Windows heat loss can account for a substantial proportion of the total heat loss from your home. Therefore replacement windows are now energy rated, helping to reduce harmful CO2 emissions and help cut the cost of heating bills.

Ultimate Windows can achieve an A+ Energy Rating and a U-value of 1.3 (W/m2.K).